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Gathering of the Shambhala Warriors
Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Sacred Space
100 NE 25 Street
Miami, FL 33137

*This workshop is facilitated by Val Silidker with music and sound healing by Eric Dez.*

Registration is required in order to attend.
Once you are registered, you will receive an email with more details, including items to bring. We are limited to 30 people and this workshop fills up fast, so register early to confirm your space!

We are in the midst of transformation...

But where are we heading and what role do we play as we move forward into this conscious evolution?

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a legend: It is said that in the darkest, most challenging of times the Kingdom of Shambhala arises...found in the hearts of the Shambhala Warriors, men and women of WISDOM and COMPASSION who are born to play a part in this Great Turning.

Dear friends, it is time to gather together...to REMEMBER the true interconnectedness of life and the strength that lies within each of us and to HONOR the essence of our deepest Selves.

This important workshop will be the first in an ongoing series. If it is something you connect to, please attend. For it will set the groundwork for our ongoing development and training as we move forward together in the healing and transformation of our Selves and our world.

About the workshop:

Through discussion, ceremony, meditation, and profound experiential exercises that engage our whole bodies and the memory within us, we will gain insight into the nature of our hearts, deepening our understanding of compassion and loving kindness toward ourselves, each other and all beings. We will also learn to expand our perception of our relationship to the world, time and the greater cosmos.

Along with connecting to our hearts and exploring our perceptions, we will gain new insight and knowledge of our changing world, focusing on the New Science, Cosmology and the evolution of Life.

This day-long workshop is a foundational course for the future ongoing series, which will continue to focus on the development of our whole Selves. It will be a powerful introduction to all of these ideas, to the essence of this transformational time, providing clarity and context into the larger picture of who and what we are.

Future workshops will include guest presenters, interactive activities, development of imagination and creativity, and much more, with the intention to develop our skills and knowledge, open our hearts, deepen the wisdom within us and strengthen our relationship to ourselves, one another, and all of LIFE.

This workshop is $75.
<<< Registration with Paypal is in the column to the left

I look forward to connecting more deeply with each one of you!

With gratitude,
Val Silidker



A powerful, deeply inspiring and knowledgeable workshop that allows us to connect and remember our heritage and potential as human beings. Val is that perfect vessel that channels grace, beauty, strength and wisdom in a most compassionate way. I recommend this workshop to anyone interested in furthering their awareness and aligning their focus to manifest their highest good. ~ Isa Soler, Psychologist

Great workshop :-) ... an opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom, to embrace all aspects of yourself, to build your compassion and a deeper connection to all of humanity, all of life, and All Creation; be a Shambhala warrior, living fully and honoring yourself and your highest vision for the world. Val's passion and com-passion inspire participants to commit to embracing their own potential. I'm glad I've gotten to be a part of one of the Shambhala Warrior workshops. ~ Jed Schlackman, Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Counselor

This workshop is AMAZING! When I attended it helped me immensely to connect with myself in ways I needed to experience! I hope to be able to make this one as well and share in the beautiful conscious and collective energy that will be created there! To the Spirit of The Shambhala Warriors within us ALL! :) ~ Haydee Rancel, Jewelry Designer

Worded Descriptions cannot suffice the Divinity of this Workshop.......One must experience it to "BE"lieve IT! Val and Eric's dynamic teamwork collectively embed this extraordinary experience. This is one TRUTH your SOUL will not let you miss out on!
The Shambhala Warrior ~ Candice Masters, OM Productionz

As a teeny tiny speck in the vastness of the Universe join forces with other Shambhala Warriors thru out the millennium to energetically shift the UN-consciousness of our world into a healthier place to live and rear our children. Let us combine our infinite energy to tap into source and create camaraderie, ONEness. . . hope to hear you there! ~ Randall Rodriguez, Sound Healer






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